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Winstead’s has been a Kansas City staple for over 70 years. SEVENTY! They’re famous for their delicious steakburgers and their freakishly tall Skyscraper Shakes! They have six locations around Kansas City, including on the Plaza and in Lenexa and Leawood.

Can’t choose whether you want french fries, onion rings or tator tots? Choose the Fifty-Fifty and get half onion rings and half fries or tots.

One of the best parts about eating at Winstead’s is the prices. You can get a variety of items and not break your bank! Check out the rest of their menu, here.

When we started serving the fine people of Kansas City more than 70 years ago, the city was smaller, the cars were bigger, and the lingo a little more…“Golly”. The times, they have certainly changed. What’s never changed, though, is how we do business.

What is your favorite Winstead’s order?