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No Small Fry


Instagram Basics: Posting

Posting Photos & Videos Instagram has evolved over time, allowing us to upload whatever size images that we like! However, the true roots...
No Small Fry

No Small Fry @ Winstead’s

Winstead’s has been a Kansas City staple for over 70 years. SEVENTY! They’re famous for their delicious steakburgers and their freakishly tall Skyscraper...

Instagram Basics: Engagement

Engagement is loosely defined as likes, comments, follows, and messages. In order to have your account grow, you must “engage” with other Instagram...
No Small Fry

No Small Fry @ Brewery Emperial

Brewery Emperial is a new installment in the KC Crossroads area, opening in 2017. They have a wide selection of beers and drinks...


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