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Posting Photos & Videos

Instagram has evolved over time, allowing us to upload whatever size images that we like! However, the true roots of Instagram have stayed the same – your feed shows SQUARES!

To get the best results from your posts, make sure that any text or focal point is in the center of your image or graphic. Anything not in the center square area will get cut off in your feed.

As I would typically suggest for most mediums, make sure you are using the highest quality photo you have. This has been a proven method to increasing likes. Followers really do appreciate a well thought out, creative, quality photo.

ERO Tips

  • Consider alternating each time you post with a new “type”. For example, don’t post photos that look similar to each other right after one another (unless that’s your aesthetic! Read more, here).
  • Mix your real photos between any stock photos you use.  Followers LOVE genuine, relatable activity. Don’t hesitate to add in your own photos as you go along. People definitely want to see them!
  • Don’t overwhelm your audience. If you haven’t posted very often before, don’t immediately post 10 photos in one day. Once you get used to posting, your followers will get used to it as well!

Post Captions & Descriptions

Make sure that each of your posts has a DYNAMITE caption! After someone views your photo or video, their eyes will next go to the caption/description to learn more.

Make sure you write enough information that a user could find out what the picture is of, how they can be a part of it, or how to learn more.

For Example:
If you post a photo of a product, food, or service, talk about what it is and how someone can purchase it.
“We absolutely love [name of service], and you can find our more about it at [website name]! If you have any questions, please let us know!”

Feel free to throw some hashtags and emojis into your captions if they are relevant, clever or funny. Just be sure not to overdo it – make sure your captions are readable and not choppy.

Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

End your caption with a CTA, to get the user moving in the right direction. Lead them to call you, visit you, go to your website, and more!

For Example:

“Did you know that we offer discounts on [this service]? Sign up today to receive yours!”

“Do you have a dog? Post something about them, below! We would love to get to know all of you better!”

“We LOVE [name of a brand or product]. Have you [used it / bought it] before? What do you think?”

“Have you seen our brand new blog post on our website? It’s about [topic here]! To find it, please check out the link in our bio!”