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Posting a Story

A  story is a temporary, 24-hour post that does not appear in your feed, but in your “stories” area – when someone clicks on your profile picture.

To create a story, either go to your profile and click the plus sign where your profile picture is, or go to the home Instagram feed and swipe to the right.

When creating a story there are many options: type, go live, take a photo, take a boomerang, take a video, or upload a photo or video.

Once you have text, a photo or video in place, you can choose from dozens of “stickers” and features to add to your post.

  • Tap on the screen or click the “Aa” in the top right to add text
  • Click the pencil icon in the top right to draw
  • Click on the sticker icon in the top right to add your location, mention another user, add a hashtag, add a poll, a gif, emojis and much more (Instagram is constantly adding to this feature)


Your Story – with text and location added. Bottom left corner is who has seen your story.


Options are limitless!

When you’re finished, click “+ Your Story” to add this post to your story.

Quick, Easy Content

Want to see how it looks? Go back to your profile and click on your profile picture. Your story will display there.

See who looked at your story by visiting your story and looking in the bottom left corner (as seen in the above screenshot). Swipe up on the screen to view more insights.

Other users will find your story at the top of their home page. And you can watch others’ stories there, as well.


Interactive Features

As mentioned briefly, there are many interactive stickers that can be added to a story. From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Location
  • Mention another User
  • Hashtag
  • Gif
  • Music
  • Time
  • Poll
  • Scale
  • Question
  • Etc

Now you’re ready to post your first story!