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Choosing a Scheduling App

There are many Facebook and Instagram scheduling applications on the market. Read reviews and features and decide which is best for you.

At ERO we use Unum. Unum allows the user to log into as many Instagram accounts as wanted. They allow the user to upload photos in a grid, enabling the user to see what the photos would look like if published on Instagram. The app also provides data such as: followers lost and gained, sentiment, top posts, best times to post, best hashtags, and more. Click here to visit their site! We recommend sticking to the free version of the app.

ERO’s content in a grid on Unum. The top 4 rows have not been posted to Instagram yet. The user can drag and drop to rearrange. The bottom row has been posted to Instagram already.

More about Scheduling


  • Save time down the road by creating posts now.
  • See how images and graphics look next to each other before posting.
  • View all of your content in one place.
  • There are many free applications to try.


  • No scheduling app can post for you automatically. You MUST post manually. This is a function of Instagram.