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Learning more about you is the first step we take in creating beautiful graphics and images that speak to your brand. We take all of your ideas and opinions into consideration while finding your style.

User Experience

Capturing your audience takes more than just a sweet logo. Your website needs to be quick and easy to use so your customers can have a pleasant experience.

Social Media

Having fun with social media is our JAM. How you reach your next customer through social media should be enjoyable, not stiff! Your audience will feel like they really know you and will connect with you one-on-one.

Paid Media

Targeting your audience with digital ads is a huge step in getting your name out in the world. At ERO, we take into consideration who your audience is and plan your ads accordingly.

Visual Media

Recording a behind-the-scenes look into the culture of your business. Photos and videos can speak a great deal to who you truly are and give your customers a reason to be impressed by you.

Web Design

Developing a website with creativity and user experience in mind is our expertise. Whether you’d like your site to be a dynamic, parallax landing page or a robust, ecommerce site, we have options and ideas for you.

Startup with ERO

Starting your business or project has never been easier. Partnering with ERO through the process won’t only take away your worry, it will kick-start your business with energy and motion. Chat with us about what our StartupERO package features.


ERO is a digital agency built for small business owners and operators. Our services are designed to be quick and efficient, and provide you with best quality. No matter how big or small your project may be, we are proud to work with you; hence “no small fry”.


About Us

ERO is a digital agency built for small business owners and operators.


11860 W. 91st St
Overland Park, Kansas 66214